Applied Magnetism Institute

Training and recruitment

The researchers of the unit are mostly UCM permanent professors accumulating more than 2000 teaching hours per year. They also participate actively in the UCM Master and PhD programs and collaborate in programs organized by other universities at the Madrid area. During the reference period a total of around 50 PhD students were trained within the unit, some of which are still ongoing. 28 PhD theses were presented.
Selected training programs in the reference period are:
• Masters in Applied Physics, Nanophysics, Advanced Materials and Theoretical Physics at Physics Faculty UCM (2012-2016).
• Master in Science and Chemical Technologies, "Molecular Nano- and Bio-photonics for Telecommunications and Biotechnologies (Erasmus Mundus Master) at Chemistry Faculty UCM (2012-2016).
• Advanced Chemistry PhD Program at Chemistry Faculty UCM (2012-2016) directed by J. M. González Calbet.
• Master in Bionanotechnology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2012-2015).
• 2012-2015 Three courses on Atomic Resolution Electron Microscopy at the UCM Summer School at San Lorenzo de El Escorial organized by J. M.González Calbet.
• 2015 International School of Microscopy for Materials. Universidad del Quindío, Armenia, Colombia.
• Master Course on Quantum Simulation in Facultad CC. Físicas. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Started on 2012 as the first official master course on this topic in Spain.
• Journal Club on Quantum Computation at in Facultad CC. Físicas. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
• El Escorial Summer School on Quantum Information meets Statistical Mechanics (2011).
• Mini-Course on Normal and Superfluid Fermi Systems. Facultad de Fisicas UCM. (2012).
• Fifth Meeting of the Madrid Cold Atoms Network on New developments and trends in cold atom physics. (2013). -- Lectures on Algorithmic Complexity
• Theory. Prof. Gregory Chaitin from IBM (Thomas J. Watson Research Center). Facultad de Fisicas UCM (2011).
• 2015; Series of conferences: 2015 International year of the light and associated technologies at Residence of Students CSIC; A. Hernando, M.A. García, Organizers
• 2014 Magnetism of nanoparticles: nonmagnetic metals, core shell, exchange bias. M. A. García in the Winter course Novel Frontiers in Magnetism Benasque (Spain)
• 2012- Surface Plasmon in metallic nanoparticles. M. A. Garcia at Nicolas Cabrera Summer School 2012. Madrid, Miraflores (Spain).
• 2012; International Conference Quantum Information meets Statistical Mechanics, Austria, M.A. Martin-Delgado Co-Director.
• 2013-2016 ICTS-CNME organizes training courses in collaboration with GATAN company on Energy Electron Loss Spectroscopy (EELS). 2012- II
• Gefenol Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex and Small Systems (Benasque, Spain).
• Transference of PhD students to the industry environment.
• The strong cooperation between IMA and the industry results in many students and postdocs working in technologically oriented projects. As a consequence, many of those young researchers receive offers from the companies to join their R&D departments. There have been more than 50 researchers transferred to the private sector, mostly to the railway transportation technology sector, a strategic area in which Spain exports technology worldwide. Besides, the researchers formed at IMA know well the technical capabilities of the center and contact IMA back to solve problems for which IMA experience and know-how is relevant. IMA young researchers participate again in those projects, keeping the loop of transfer of technology alive.